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Bathmate Testimonials, 2007 - 2022

Below you will find only a few of the thousands of Bathmate testimonials from users around the world!

These testimonials are from 2022 and go all the way back to 2007! 
We want you to share your success story too. Please send us your testimonial so we can share your experience with other men who may want to know what other users experienced.

The Bathmate although designed for increasing penis size has also gives its users more stamina, intenser orgasms, more girth and so much more. Try the Bathmate today and see the results for yourself.

I am pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and easy using the Bathmate has been. My girth has increased by 14% in only a few weeks and I have gone from 130mm to 145mm in that time as well. A great product! ~ Omar, Toronto

Hi. I have received my order and am VERY happy with it. Great product, by the way. I started last Monday at 130mm. Yesterday, I got all the way up to 155! This is amazing! ~Jimmy

Works great and I love it. Flacid size came first but I stuck with it and 3 months later I am 1.5 inches bigger. My thickness also went up but don't know how to measure that. The bathmate works and my boyfriend loves my new size! ~Manuel, Toronto

Been using the Bathmate for about 7 months and have noticed a much larger flaccid size increase. Also, I seem to have a quicker recovery time and also firmer erections similar to ones I have had with Cialis. Very pleased and would recommend! ~ Jim

My husband and I are very impressed with the results we have seen using the bathmate and are enjoying the benefits of it as well. We wanted to say thnk you for the support you gave us after he first received it and was learningg how to use it. ~Kris & Michelle, Winnipeg

Very impressed after my first use. I cannot wait to see results in a few weeks. Thank you much for telephone support, it helped me alot. ~Edwin, BC

Although we did not buy the Bathmate for the size gains, I just wanted to say how impressed I was over the 3 months my husband has been using it. He has gained over an inch in length and it has also helped correct a very noticable curve he had in his penis. It just seemed like it was getting worse as time went on and after 3 months of using the bathmate his curve is almost gone and and sex is no longer painful like before. The new size he has gained has also been a big plus! Thank you. ~Sarah & Tyler, Michigan

I just wanted to tell you how much I love Bathmate. I finally got it to work and for the first time using it, I couldn't believe the size ~Don

This morning my wife told me I have gotten bigger, so I thought I would share my story with you guys at Bathmate. I have been using the bathmate for about 5 months now. I use it 1-2 times a week and had noticed more size when soft almost immediately after my first few uses, but size when erect was a bit slower to see. I finally noticed some good size gains when erect around 2 months after using the bathmate. I also noticed I was much harder when erect and that my orgasms where more.. explosive I guess it the word. LOL It didn't really hit me how much bigger I had gotten until this morning when my wife told me I had really gotten bigger. Not only did the bathmate give me more size and girth, but it helped get rid of a curve I had which made my penis kinda point to the left. I hated that, it was kinda embarrassing I thought. Anyways.. I wanted to share my success story with you guys. The bathmate is great and i hope others have as much success with it as I have. ~Todd & Lynn W., Ontario, Canada

tHANKS for coming up with the bathmate. Not sure how you dit it. But you did it well. I have tried air pumps with ok results and the bathmate really has given me hope. My results in only 3wks have been more than a lifetime without the bathmate. So thanks to Ultramax. The bathmate rocks. ~Kel H. Washington.

Hi, I just wanted to say after just one use I see such a huge difference and benefit in using hydropump pressure rather than the conventional air vacuum that I have used in the past. The overall size increase is even throughout the whole penis and it doesn't make the foreskin I have look like a fat lip at the end of the session. Also I totally enjoy the fact that the bathmate has incorporated the vacuum mechanism in a one piece unit "brilliant" No more long silicone tubes and hand pumping or elec. vacuum pump to deal with. I look forward to using the bathmate penis pump on a regular basis, and will report on my progress as things develop. ~AJ.

The bathmate works amazing. I have tried penis pumps, penis stretchers and penis pills, all with very little results. The bathmate hydropump we got worked almost instantly as you said it would and with each use I have only seen improvement in many areas. Thanks ~Wardel

The bathmate is a great thing. All I can say is I am happy I gave it a try. I will tell all my friends about the bathmate pump (well.. just the ones iwth small penises). ~Harold, Mannitoba

Thank you for making this product. I have tried many other penis enlargement products and none have given me what you have. A boost in self esteem and a big dick! 2 months of use and I am now 8.1inches long and thicker too. Thanks guys. ~Trystan White, Vancouver

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have changed my life! I am now experiencing great orgasms as my husband penis is much larger. I could not believe that he grew almost 2 inches in size over the year he was using the penis pump! Plus he got some thicker and it feels good. Jesus and I thank you bathmate! ~Carolina & Jesus, New Mexico

I weighed the odds on what I had to lose and gain if I didn't try your Bathmate Hydro pump. The odds where in favor of everything I stood to gain if it really worked. Let me tell you... I am sooo greatful! It worked and well. I could not believe it! I really saw a difference after the 3rd week as I started using the bathmate on a daily basis. All I have to say is it was the best investment of my life. I will be the first to skinny dip now! ~Paul, Toronto

"I'd given up on ever increasing my penis size. I can honestly say I've used every type of device and medication around, I almost had surgery. The Bathmate does what I want - quick results that have remained months past I stopped using it. ~ George, Newfoundland

"The shock on my girlfriends face said it all, when she walked into the bathroom and I dropped the towel, she was wondering where the hell this beast had been hiding." ~John, Manchester

"Just a quick email to thank you guys for such a wonderful device, it's really changed my life. I'm a 54 year old who's been experiencing men's problems for two years, prior to the Bathmate. After three days of using, my erections stronger and I have no problem holding an erection. I wasn't too bothered, regarding the size increase; however it's certainly nice to have. Putting the smile back on my wife's face is priceless." ~Derek, Milton Keynes

I have always been aware of my relatively small penis especially when in the showers at the gym around other guys. Since using the bathmate i am embarrassed no more in-fact i'm usually showing it off. ~Stuart, Dublin

I could not believe the difference after 15 minutes, i had to question with myself "is this really mine". ~Mike, Cardiff

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