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Bathmate Cushion Rings

Bathmate Cushion Rings are specifically engineered to work seamlessly with our Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme pumps. These cushion rings take your pumping sessions to a whole new level by offering an additional layer of comfort and safety. Soft velvety material provides a more comfortable pumping session while helping users maintain a more proper suction and seal.

Available in five distinct sizes, you can find a Bathmate Cushion Ring that perfectly complements the dimensions of your specific Bathmate pump. Make sure you select the right size to maximize the effectiveness of your pump sessions.

One key benefit of using Bathmate Cushion Rings is the added safety it provides. While it's uncommon for testicles to enter the hydropump with proper use, the Cushion Rings are designed to eliminate this concern entirely, offering you peace of mind during your pump exercises.

Made from skin-friendly material that easily adapts to your body's contours, Bathmate Cushion Rings ensure you enjoy a snug and comfortable fit during your session. When you purchase a pack, you'll receive two rings specifically tailored to accommodate varying penis girths, enhancing the fit and functionality even further.

So, if you're looking to optimize your Bathmate pumping experience, don't overlook the value that Bathmate Cushion Rings bring to the table. Choose the perfect size, enjoy heightened comfort, and rest easy.

Available in all model sizes.

Each pack includes 2 Bathmate Comfort Rings

Features of Bathmate Cushion Rings:

  • Improved comfort
  • Improved fit
  • More stimulation
  • Preventing  testicular suction
  • Skin safe
  • Improved seal and suction
  • Contours to all body types
  • 1/4" thickness provides more room to grow



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