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Bathmate Hydrodouche

The NEW Bathmate Hydrodouche utilises only the best materials and build quality to satisfy all your douching needs.
Not only is it simple to use, it has also been proven to be very effective.

The Hydrodouche is for couples that like anal play or anal sex.
It helps you easily clean up before making anal play more hygienic, safer and fun!


Hydrodouche features:

  1. bullet proof vessel, shatterproof if dropped
  2. every component is made from medical grade material, ensuring safe and hygienic use
  3. gravity fed system, puts the user in control, no nasty spikes in pressure or temperature
  4. completely controllable, you control the water going into the vessel and the rate from the hand controller
  5. adaptive shower connector strap fits any shower
  6. easy to use
  7. it's a smart douche with a PHD, Personal Hygiene Device, in cleaning
  8. 9" nozzle makes you feel secure about the level of cleanliness you obtain
  9. multi-direction flow nozzle has a 360 degree cleaning power
  10. hygienic hand wand holder ensures everything is kept clean from contaminates
  11. LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all parts, if anything fails we will replace the part free of charge

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