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Review Of The Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate Hercules

The Bathmate Hercules is the World's first water pump engineered for male sexual enhancement. The Hercules is made by a company called UM Products which is located in the U.K. UM Products has been producing this penis pump for over ten years now. It is the original model in their ever-expanding hydro pump lineup that currently includes nine different models in all. It's still one of the best selling models due partially to the great comfort, each of use, and affordability.

The Hercules is the perfect hydropump for the first-timer who's currently starting out with an erect penis length between 5.6" to 7.25" while having a girth at 1.9" or less in diameter. If you currently exceed one or both of these measurements then you'll want to get the model of hydropump that is the next size up- the Bathmate Hydromax x40 and Hydromax x40 Xtreme.

The benefits of owning a Bathmate Hercules include increased penis size in length and girth, increased stamina, stronger orgasms, and the mitigation of symptoms caused by erectile dysfunction. Effects and benefits are categorized it two stages- short term and long term. Short term gains experienced by owners is typically a larger, heavier, more erect penis for up to 2 hours after each pump session so many men opt to have sex during this time. Long term results are are typically achieved by the five to seven month of your routine. These benefits include a permanent larger penis, harder erections, and the experiencing of more intense orgasms. Results do vary from man to man depending on a variety of circumstances which include age, diet, exercise, overall health, genetic ceiling, operation, and consistency.

This hydro pump is recommended to use with water for maximum effectiveness and comfort but can be used in a water-less setting if you're in a pinch. It is very simple and straight forward to use in the shower or bathtub. Simply loosen yourself up to a semi-erect state. Fill the pump with lukewarm water. Place your Hercules over your penis and pump repeatedly against your pelvis until you achieve a proper vacuum and seal. That's it! No need to keep pumping once you achieve the desired vacuum and seal. Now it's just the waiting game. When you're done simply depress the valve pip located at the top of the pump to let air escape and remove it from your body. The manufacturer recommends 15 minutes per session but feel free to experiment with the duration of time you wear it. Staying on a consistent routine/schedule is key for achieving the best results in the shortest amount of time. Feel free to experiment with time duration and always listen to your body. There is no need to use your pump more than once a day as you want to allow your cells to rest and repair themselves between pump sessions.

Taking care of your Hercules is also pretty simple and straight-forward. Always let your Hercules air-dry between sessions. Never leave it wrapped up in a towel or cloth where moisture cannot evaporate causing a perfect environment for mold or bacteria
to grow. Never drop your Bathmate repeatedly on it's valve as this is the most complex and sensitive part of your hydro pump. Practicing a little common sense will ensure that your Hercules lasts for years.

The Hercules comes in three different colors- crystal clear, aqua blue and brilliant red. These colors have no affect of pump price or performance. Colors are simply there to give you a choice of aesthetics.

In recent years we've seen black market manufacturers located in China, Viet Nam and Malaysia come online to create an inferior counterfeits that looks extremely similar to the authentic Bathmates produced by the original manufacturer. Even the packaging looks similar. Unsuspecting buyers are drawn to these counterfeits by their low price points and false promises of getting a good bargain. Additionally, most of these pumps are not manufactured to spec so it's been reported that authentic Bathmate accessories do not always fit like they should. Stay away from these counterfeits as they're poorly assembled, lack durability and warranty and most importantly have been tested to NOT WORK. All authentic Bathmate pumps are made of quality certified medical grade materials used in surgical and military settings. Authentic Bathmate products are expensive to produce and retailer markup relatively is low. Most counterfeits purchased online are sold by merchants using eBay, Amazon, and eCrater. You can avoid these counterfeits by purchasing directly from the original retailer in North America - Bathmate Shop US and retails for around $110.

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What is Jelqing and how do I do it?

Jelqing is a natural method for increasing penis size. To "jelq" is to "milk" but the techniques are different than masturbation. Some men have reported up to 2" in length by sticking to a disciplined jelq routine.

The most popular method is to make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger tips touching. Starting at the base of the penis you apply pressure while sliding all of the way up to the tip. Jelqing works best when you're in a semi-hard state. If you're fully erect you should stop and restart.Typical jelqing sessions should last between 4-10 minutes, 3-6 times per week.

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Hydromax X20 Xtreme - The World's Most Powerful Tool For Male Enhancement

  Introducing Bathmate's newest weapon on the war against inadequate size and erectile dysfunction. The X20 Xtreme is sold as a kit which includes a bounty of accessories providing you with the most powerfully efficient hydropump experience to date.

Hydromax X20 XtremeX20 Xtreme With Handpump

Removing the Hardshell Storage Case from the box you unzip to find your X20 Xtreme hydropump along with:

  • Shower Support Strap which helps maintain seal & stability during workouts in the shower.
  • Long Insert Comfort Pad which provides you with a smoother pumping experience.
  • Cleaning Sponge to keep your hydropump working at its maximum.
  • Measuring Gauge that keeps track of your gains in length and girth.
  • Hydromax Towel
  • Hydromax Lube for added comfort.
  • Security Lock for privacy.

But the crown jewel included with your X20 Xtreme is the detachable handball pump and hose. It works in water for a more extreme pumping sensation, maximum efficiency in gains and the benefit of total control and comfort.

Patented design manufactured with skin safe medical grade materials through and through. Fits men up to 5.5" erect. CLICK HERE for the X20 Xtreme product page.

Bathmate Hydromax Valve Issues - The fix.

Are you having trouble  with your Bathmate Hydromax keeping pressure after only a few weeks of use?

There is a simple quick fix for 99% of users who have experienced this issue.  

This is being caused by users leaving their valve in the locked position after use. This then distorts the valve and it causes the leaking you may have experienced.

Always make sure to unlock your valve when done and leave it in the straight up position for trouble free use.

If you are experiencing this Bathmate Hydromax valve issue. The fix is to reset the valve to the neutral position. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then the valve should fix itself by going back to its natural shape.  


Voila.. you should be good to go.

Free Shipping on all Bathmate Orders!

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Yes you heard correctly. Free Shipping on your Bathmate order from Bathmate Shop for all customers in the United States & Canada.


Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer free shipping for international orders yet. :/ But we are working on it.

Bathmate Size Guide. - Which Bathmate Size is right for me. Bathmate Buyers Guide...


1.Choose your model*:

a) Hercules: The original Bathmate. For most men under 8" in length. Reliable. Effective. Economical.

b) Hydromax X30: The latest in male enhancement hydropump technology. Durable. Same size as the Hercules. 30% more suction. Improved pelvic comfort pad.

c) Hydromax X40: For men starting out with more penile girth/thickness. Same great features as the X30. One of our best selling models

d) Goliath: For men 8+ inches in length or longer. 30% larger than the Hercules. Ships with shower strap and storage case. Make sure you're already big before you buy.

e) X30 Xtreme: Same size as the X30 but sold with hand ball pump and every accessory you'll ever need- support strap, protective case, long insert comfort pad and more. The ultimate male hydo-therapy kit. **TOP SELLER**

f) X40 Xtreme: Same size as the X40 but includes hand ball pump, towel, measuring gauge, hard-shell storage case, support strap, cleaning brush, and more. Everything you need for your hydro pump.

*Keep in mind that although you want plenty of room for growth, you also want a proper fit so that you're able to obtain proper suction for a more effective workout.

Putting some thought into sizing before you purchase is strongly advised. Just buying 'biggest one' is not your best choice.


Pump Specifications:

Pump Internal Length* Pump Internal Diameter & Circumference Colors Weight


9.75in/24.7cm 2.25in dia. / 7.06in cir. red/blue /clear 8.9oz/252gr

X30/X30 Xtreme

9.75in/24.7cm 2.25in dia. / 7.06in cir. red/blue /clear 10.3oz /292gr

X40/X40 Xtreme

11.5in/29.2cm 2.45in dia. / 7.69in cir. red/blue /clear 15.3oz/436gr


12.0in/30.5cm  2.75in dia. / 8.63in cir. subject to stock 1lb 1.6oz/499gr

*Please keep in mind that pump internal length will decrease by roughly 1.5in once proper suction and seal are achieved.

2. Choose your color (all colors are transparent).


3. Select your accessories (optional):

a) Shower/support Strap: A rugged nylon strap that helps you from losing suction. Hands free workouts. Good insurance against dropping your hydropump.

b) Storage Case & Cleaning Kit: Keep your Bathmate working like new for years. Specialized cleaning sponges. 2 towels. Durable and discreet storage bag.

c) Capsule Case: Sleek hard-shell protective storage for the traveler. You never have to leave your hydro pump at home again.

d) Long Insert Pad (X30 & X40): Many loyal Hydromax users lobbied for this type of product so here it is. Longer than the stock comfort pad providing what many is a smoother, more comfortable workout.

e) Comfort Pads 3-Pak (Hercules & Goliath): Easy to replace. Providing optimum pelvic comfort. Never let a damaged comfort pad interrupt your workout regimen again!

Worldwide Shipping from BathmateShop

The Bathmate Shop ( is a verified retailer of the Bathmate line of products and offers worldwide* shipping of Bathmate products (*a few countries are excluded). 

Shipping rates within North America (United States & Canada) are $12.00 flat. The rest of the world is $42.00

Shipping time varies for orders placed for overseas destinations, but most usually arrive within 6-10 business days.

Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work?

Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work?

This is a question we have come across more than a few times online and a good question it is. Who wants to buy a Bathmate if it doesn't work. Who wants to buy any product if it doesn't work. So we have taken a minute to write a post about the Bathmate and its results to try and help answer the question "does the bathmate work".

After years of working in the industry and selling the Bathmate along with other products and getting to test many, I can honestly tell you, the Bathmate does work.  I have also dealt with support for Bathmate customers and even been sent photo testimonials of users who have seen AMAZING results with the Bathmate. Yes, some people send photos of their penis to us because they are astounded at the results they get from using the Bathmate.


Now...  will the results from the Bathmate be the same for everyone. No, of course not.  We are all built different, will end up using the products differently, and use it for different periods of time. So everyone will experience different results with use.

Some people I have seen and talked to have gained upwards of 2 inches and quite a bit of girth. Others have increased in girth only (they didn't use it long enough for length gains).  I have seen photos and talked to users who have used it for over 6 months, starting out with the Hercules and ending up ordering the Goliath as they outgrew the Hercules model they started with.  I have chatted with via email users of all ages, from 17 to 76. Some older gentlemen just want to use it to maintain penis health as they are not as sexually active as they used to be, but end up seeing an increase in penis size as a bonus.


Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work?

In conclusion, I will say from everything I have read, everything I have seen, Bathmate users I have talked to and from 1st hand experience (yes I am a bathmate user). The Bathmate does work if given the right amount of time.

Repetition is key... just like exercise, a good diet or succeeding at anything in life. Give up too soon and you lose. Stick with it... and be a smiling fool with a big penis.

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